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A progressive rock band from Portland, Maine.  The term “progressive rock” is used with reluctance in their case, though, as most of their music seems to defy genre.  Imagine that the love child of Jeff Buckley, The Mars Volta, and Incubus started making music. Then, somewhere along the way, it had an affair with Queens of the Stone Age.  The offspring of that relationship then started making its own music, and it was under the name Five of the Eyes.

In early 2017 they recorded their first full-length album,  The Venus Transit, set to release on 9.29.2017.   Produced and engineered by Jonathan Wyman at The Halo, the new album musically picks-up where the band left off with their self-produced sophomore EP Hierophantasm. However, with Wyman acting as both producer and engineer, the songs off The Venus Transit soar to stunning new heights, previously unachievable in the confines of the band's home studio. The flawless fidelity, matched by equally impressive performances by all five members, makes for a listening experience unlike anything that the band has produced to date.

Mastered by grammy award winning engineer Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering Studios, the album is an impressive sonic journey that will appeal to music lovers of all types. To try and pigeonhole the band into one genre would be to do them a massive disservice, because while they tend to toe the prog-rock line, Five of the Eyes have dedicated themselves to creating a sound and aesthetic that is uniquely their own. Now with a stellar new album under their belt, a fall tour on the books, and a hunger to be heard, these five small-town boys are ready to take on the world one face-melting show at a time.


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"Isabella" Live Video:

"Nacreous Cloud" Music Video:


"Coming at you with explosive beauty, the lead song, Atmosphere, transports you to an ethereal plane of existence. Having accomplished that elusive task that has baffled failed songwriters for generations, the album then far exceeds the standard set by the first track." - Moshpit Nation review of The Venus Transit. Rated 5/5. 

Voted best New England artist of the month in The Deli Magazine - 8/1/2016
"FOTE is a band that is aggressively mesmerizing. Their sound pulls its spirit from The Mars Volta, and their fiery passion shines and sparkles on their single ‘Isabella’ (seriously, YouTube it.) With soaring falsetto, churning bass and franticly focused drums, this song gives you about two minutes to get your feet under you before knocking you back down. Culminating in a cacophonous and hair-raising orchestration of guitar-driven madness riding on the back of the low-end salsa dancing beast that is bassist Thomas Meehan’s groove. The energy and talent are there, they’re solidified in their convictions, and every note is there for a reason."
-Andrew Nelson (Portland Phoenix)

"What’s gifted vocalist Darrell Foster singing about? I have no earthly idea, nor do I care. What I do care about are the gnarly guitar groove that opens this song, the acoustic break in the middle, the rippin’ solos at the end, and drummer Peter Griffith’s brilliant time-keeping throughout. I hear these guys are even better live."
-Chris Busby (The Bollard) reviewing 'Eos' as part of the Maine Summer Mixtape 2015
“…a self-titled, self-produced first studio effort that’s arrestingly dynamic, heavy yet danceable, and deceptively melodic.  It draws on the progressive metal roots of many of the band members, but it brings in further Latin, funk, and pop elements.  It’s one of the strongest debuts from a new Maine band in the past two years, and it’s already helped the band garner some early buzz as a seriously awesome live act.”
-Emily Burnham (Culture Shock, Bangor Daily News)
“One of the best sounding performances we’ve had in here, seriously. ”
-Dave Crespo- WEMF Radio

Guitar / Ned Rich

Guitar / Tim Meehan

Vocals, Keys / Darrell Foster

Bass / Thomas Meehan

Drums / Peter Griffith