JUST ANNOUNCED! 5OTE @ The Masquerade in Atlanta GA! ALL AGES!

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Advanced Tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.com/Surrogates-tickets/artist/2013732?tm_link=edp_Artist_Name?camefrom=cfc_masquerade_website

Doors 7PM - $8 ADV  $10 DOS - ALL AGES

Join us at the Hell Stage for .... (dun dun dun).... THE PROG BASH! An evening of Progressive Rock with a twist of Funk, Punk, Indie, and Latin! This will be an incredible night of diverse rock music from Atlanta to Maine. Reserve the date and get your advanced tickets, this will be AWESOME!

Five Of The Eyes:
A mind altering assault of energy and performance, Five Of The Eyes is Portland Maine's newest rock act to hit the scene. Blending influences of Prog, Funk, and Latin, this is a group that will make you funk dance yourself into a full blown explosion of head banging rock. How about you salsa over to the bar, but you can't BECAUSE NOW THEY’RE ROCKING YOUR BODY INTO CONVULSIONS. Try to tear your eyes away from the body melting heat as vocalist Darrell Foster tears up the stage with dance moves that put James Brown in a cold sweat. Shield yourself from the insane licks of a black tongued Giraffe under mind control by the tenacious guitars of Ned Rich and Tim Meehan. Grab your lasers and prepare for the rhythmic symphony of Thomas Meehan and Peter Griffith BEATING THE DRUMS AND BASS STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FLOOR BOARDS INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION. Set for conquest all along the Eastern United States and Canada with their 2015 CONQUISTATOUR, Five Of The Eyes will bring to you what you desire most. Familiarize yourself with their brand new EP before they blow your face apart. http://www.fiveoftheeyes.com/

"...a self-titled, self-produced first studio effort that’s arrestingly dynamic, heavy yet danceable, and deceptively melodic. It draws on the progressive metal roots of many of the band members, but it brings in further Latin, funk and pop elements. It’s one of the strongest debuts from a new Maine band in the past two years, and it’s already helped the band garner some early buzz as a seriously awesome live act." 

-Emily Burnham (Culture Shock, Bangor Daily News)

LIVE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzxeIqY2WNg


We make music to make people feel how we feel when we listen to our favorite music. It's a very visceral thing, the connection we have to it. It moves our bodies and gives us a reason to keep getting up in the morning.

LIVE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1_C9M9HspU

The Organ Machines:

An Altanta, GA based band that formed in early 2014. The band consists of Derek Liddell on guitar and vocals, Alex McIntyre on bass and vocals, and Chris Deese on drums. The Organ Machines are a mixture of progressive rock and alternative rock, with a solid grooving rhythm section and the occasional hint of surf guitar. The sound of the music is most characterized by the large sound and reverberate qualities of the sounds coming from the band. Our first EP, Parallels, was recorded in November of 2014 and released on March 6, 2015; it can be found at our bandcamp link at the bottom. Parallels is a collection of songs which has a common theme of dealing with relationships and the parallels created between people through grief, lies, love, deceit, and selfishness


1. something that blazes or shines brightly.
2. a sports jacket, usually a solid color or striped, having metal buttons and sometimes an insignia on the breast pocket, as one worn by a member of a club, school, or the like.
3. a small cooking apparatus using as its source of heat a spirit lamp, hot coals, etc., used especially for preparing food at the table or outdoors.

What happens when members of Swank Sinatra, DAMS, Hello Cobra, and CHEW start a band? 

Probably this.


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