In-Studio Video For New Single, "Wasteland"

Written by Behind The Curtains Media.

PORTLAND, Maine | September 15, 2017 - Five of the Eyes
are the musical equivalent of the giant boulder that seeks to flatten Indiana Jones in Raiders of The Lost Ark; heavy, relentless, powerful, and virtually unstoppable. Their energetic songs rush forward like a runaway train leaving unprepared listeners dizzy and in the dust. As a band, they embrace many genres and influences and even though they toe the prog-rock line, their music tends to appeal to basically anyone who simply appreciates amazing vocals, stunning musicianship, and expertly crafted songs. In the band's latest video for their song "Wasteland" which premiered earlier this week via Pure Grain Audio we receive all of the above.

Conceptually the video is simple, with the camera focused on the band shredding through "Wasteland" live at The Halo where they recorded their upcoming album The Venus Transit. Between shots of the band, the camera cuts to footage of singer Darrell Foster who is dimly lit and gesticulating as if possessed by the music. He writhes and fires off lyrics from a blackened room, cloaked in darkness; a perfect production choice that caters to the song's dark aesthetic and ominous theme. Created by Sam and Will Caswell of the Portland, Maine based media company Herman Mantis, the video offers enough to be both visually engaging and creative in its artistic vision and execution.

"This song started as a Frankenstein of misfit guitar riffs we had kicking around.  We had some trouble making them fit together until we came up with the verse groove, which is a relatively straightforward gallop inspired by Heart’s “Barracuda”, and that solidified the arrangement.  Darrell did an amazing job coming up with lyrics and melodies which go with the desert-like vibe of the music, and it all comes together in a cinematic, dystopian, Orwellian, cautionary tale of a song.  The instrumental section at the ending is also probably the most aggressive and technically challenging thing we’ve ever written.  It’s really fun to play and we were really stoked about how it came out on the record.” - Ned Rich (guitar)

As we've come to expect from FOTE, "Wasteland" is a blistering track that thunders forth like a heard of elephants. It is ambitious in both subject matter and technicality but then again one could attribute those aspects to just about any Five of the Eyes song. The track comes off their forthcoming full-length album The Venus Transit which is set to drop on September 29th; It is available for pre-order in digital format HERE and CD and vinyl format HERE. The band will hit the road in support of The Venus Transit in mid-October joined by their friends In The Presence of Wolves.

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